3DI Telejector®

3-D Video Projection System

“Versatile ... Can be used with both standard 2D video and 3D video!”

  • Classroom ... Education

  • Medical/Surgical Training

  • Entertainment

  • Oil & Gas Projection

  • Simulation ...Training

  • 3-D Teleconferencing

  • Military and Security

  • Product Marketing


     3D projection system w/ adjustable filter holders

 for easily mounting 3D polarizing filters

(20”H x 17”W x 13”D)


The new 3DI Telejector® System is the perfect solution for stereoscopic 3-D video projection.  It’s very versatile.  The 3-D video projection system can project both stereoscopic 3-D video and standard 2D video (in either stacked mode or as two separate projectors).  For watching in 3D, viewers can simply wear comfortable, lightweight, and inexpensive polarized glasses ... just like Disneyland and Universal Studios!  This 3D video projection system is compact (only 26"h x 18"w x 13.5"d) and lightweight ... and low cost!


The 3DI Telejector® System includes:

  • Two lightweight  dlp video projectors (XGA)

  • One 3DI-3000 3-D Video Decoder for easily separating and outputting the Left and Right eye views from a single field-sequential 3-D (ntsc/pal) video source such as a DVR, VCR, or DVD. . .
  • Or one xpo.1 frame sequential 3D video decoder for computer or workstation applications
  • One adjustable dual projector mounting system for 3-D projection and alignment of two video projectors.  The 'Stacker' system comes with an adjustable filter stand with filter holders for positioning pre-aligned 3D polarizer filters.

Just aim the 3DI Telejector® System at any front or rear projection screen that holds polarization, pass out the glasses ... and then enjoy the impact and advantages of three-dimensional video!


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