3D Video Encoder-Decoder

 “The Only 'Combination Unit' in the World … Just Flip a Switch!”


·       Medical … Education

·       Unmanned / Manned Vehicles

·       Surgical … Training

·       Robotics … Surveillance

·       Inspection … Entertainment

·       3-D Night Vision  (Optional)

·       No computer required!



3-D Video


(Size:  10.5" x 8" x 3"... 12V DC)

It’s a Stereoscopic 3D Video Encoder  . . .

·      Simple to use … does not require gen-locked cameras … use your existing cameras

·   Two camera signals in Simply connect two cameras (side by side for 3D … ntsc/pal)

·   One video signal out:  The 3-D Video Encoder automatically combines (multiplexes) two camera signals and outputs a single stereoscopic 3D video signal in order to display, record, or transmit 3D video

  •  Easily display, record, or transmit stereoscopic 3-D video in real-time

  •  Internally processes incoming video at a full 720 x 482 digital video resolution

  •  Standard NTSC/PAL video with both composite and S-video  inputs and outputs

  •  Provides an on-screen “split-screen” video mode for viewing/adjusting cameras




And It’s a Stereoscopic 3D Video Decoder . . .


·    “3D video projection made easy!”… For dual-projector 3D video projection systems

·    One video signal in:  Input standard NTSC/PAL field-sequential 3-D video

·    Two video signals out:  Separated LEFT eye and RIGHT eye views

·    Internally processes at a full 720 x 482 digital video resolution

·    Processes … Line-doubles … and outputs Left-Right videos at full 60/50 fps

·    Both S-Video and Composite Inputs/Outputs . . .






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