3-D Video Decoder

"3-D video projection made easy "

3-D Video Decoder  (De-multiplexer)



Features include ...

  • One video signal in:  Input standard field-sequential 3-D video

  • Two video signals out:  Separated LEFT eye and RIGHT eye views

  • Auto-senses NTSC/PAL ... no switching necessary

  • Digitally de-multiplexes and outputs Left and Right eye 3D video

  • Internally processes at a full 720 x 482 digital video resolution

  • 3D video outputs a full 60 fields per second

  • Video input sources:  dvd, vcr, live, transmitted video, etc.

  • 3-D video output to:  Dual video projectors or displays

  • International Color Bar Generator included

  • Both S-Video and Composite Inputs/Outputs ...



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