3D Video Encoder

3D Video Made Easy ...
"All you do is plug in two cameras!"


(Does Not Require 'Gen-Locked' Cameras)


  • Medical ... Education

  • Military ... Security

  • Unmanned/Manned Vehicles

  • Surgical ... Training

  • Entertainment

  • Surveillance ... Robotics

  • Oil/Gas Well & Pipelines

  • 3D Night Vision & IR   (Optional)

  • No Computer Required!

3-D Video Encoder

(Size:  10.5 x 8 x 3 12V DC)




Real-time stereoscopic 3-D video provides you with critical

visual information that no single camera can!



Making stereoscopic 3-D video is now as simple as 1-2-3 . . .


   1.  Just plug in your two cameras into the back of our 3D Video Encoder

   2.  Plug a video recorder and/or display into a Video 'OUT' connector

   3.  Push the 'ON' Switch . . .


Our 3DI 3-D Video Encoder will automatically encode (multiplex/combine) two video signals from any two video cameras (NTSC/PAL) into one single field-sequential stereoscopic 3-D video signal . . . then simply plug in a display device, video recorder, or transmitter into one of the video outputs to see what a difference stereoscopic 3D video can make!


Easily display or project your stereoscopic 3-D video with our . . .



Low cost,



Miracube 3/D/2D flat-panel LCD monitors using simple passive polarized 3D glasses

Our 3DI Telejector

3D Projection System

  • Two camera signals in:  3D video made easy ... all you do is plug in two video cameras
  • One video signal out: The 3-D Video Encoder automatically encodes (multiplexes/combines) the two standard videos into one single field-sequential stereoscopic 3-D video (or any application where two camera images sent over a single channel might be useful)

  • Easily display, record, or transmit your stereoscopic 3-D video in real-time
  • Standard NTSC/PAL video with both S-video and composite inputs and outputs
  • Does not require gen-locked cameras ... use any cameras ... even IR and nightvision
  • Real-Time ... no computer necessary!
  • Multiple outputs allow you to display, record, transmit, and project all simultaneously
  • Internally processes incoming video at a full 720 x 482 digital video resolution
  • Provides an on-screen "split-screen" video mode for viewing or adjusting two cameras
  • Options include video camera couplers for Zeiss and Leica surgical microscopes for real-time surgical/medical video ... and dual camera mounting bars for easy 3D

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