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3-D ImageTek Corporation specializes in the design, manufacture, and sales of stereoscopic 3-D video products and components in order to display, record, transmit, and project true stereoscopic 3D video.  3-D ImageTek designs and manufactures its own line of products in the United States and distributes additional 3D video products from specialized manufacturers around the world.  We have spent a lot of time, money, and effort to design our products to be reliable and very easy to use . . .




3-D ImageTek Corp. was founded in 1988 by Craig Crawford and Steve Hines.  Full time operations began on January 1, 1990 . . .


-  Craig Crawford's background included 12 years in the fields of robotics, machine vision, and large system computer products. 


-  Steve Hines had been the Sr. Research Physicist with Kodak for 12 years prior to founding HinesLab, Inc.  Hines owns the patents on the 3D camera assembly and optics used to film Disney's Captain EO, 3D MuppetVision, and Universal Studio's "T23D" 3D movie attractions.


-  In 1992, after having consulted on several film projects such as Disney's 3D MuppetVision, Universal Studio's Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" (3D), and New Line Cinema's 3D "Nightmare on Elm Street" movie, Craig Crawford acquired Steve Hines' portion of the company in order to focus the company on the design, manufacture, and sales of unique 3D video products and technologies . . . 




        Medical and Surgical Imaging


        Military Security

        Manned and Unmanned Vehicles (Video Guidance Assist)

        Simulation    Training

        Oil and Gas

        Entertainment, Museums, and Sports Venues


Our Customers . . .


3-D ImageTek products and customers can be found in many countries around the world including the United States, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, France, Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, South Africa, Taiwan, China, Japan, Columbia, New Zealand, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, Australia, and Canada . . .


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