Easily Add Stereoscopic 3D Video to YOUR Surgical Robot ...

Real-Time 3D Video

For Surgical Robots

“All You Do Is Plug In Your Two Cameras!”




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   3-D ImageTek

    3-D Video Encoder



3-D Video Made Easy!! 


“Now you can record, display, transmit, and project

Your robotic surgical procedures in stereoscopic 3-D video.”

  • Education  . . .  Training 

  • TeleMedicine  . . .  Surgical "Replays"

  • Stereoscopic 3D Video Made Easy . . . "Just Plug In Your Two Cameras!!"

  • Allows Others To "See Through The Microscope"

  • Provides Actual 3D "Surgeon's View" To Individuals, Classes, Conferences

  • Display . . . Transmit . . . Project . . . Record  (DVD, DVR, Tape, Hard Drive)

  • No Computer Necessary!!

Making Stereoscopic 3-D Video Is Now As Simple As 1-2-3 . . .


   1.  Just plug your robot's video cameras into the back of our 3D Video Encoder

   2.  Plug a video recorder ... display ... or projection system into the Video 'OUT'

   3.  Push the 'ON' Switch . . .



Easily Display or Project Your Stereoscopic 3-D Video With Our . . .




Low Cost,

Hi-Res HMDs


Miracube 3D+2D flat-panel  displays

using passive polarized 3D glasses

Sizes:  17"... 24"... 32"... 42"


Our 3DI Telejector®

3D Projection Systems


You will enjoy using our 3D Video Encoder . . .

  • Two camera signals in:  3-D made easy … all you do is plug in two cameras (ntsc/pal)

  • One video signal outThe 3-D Encoder automatically encodes (multiplexes/combines) and outputs a single field-sequential or compressed “side by side” 3D video signal in order to display, record, transmit, and project real-time stereoscopic 3-D video

  • Side x Side 3D video mode can also be used for viewing/adjusting cameras
  • Multiple Outputs to easily display, transmit, project, and record simultaneously
  • Internally processes incoming video at a full 720 x 480 digital video resolution
  • “Plug-N-Play”… Simple as plugging in two cameras and pushing the “ON” button
  • No Computer Necessary !!



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